Two childhood friends, separated by a couple of years–and a tremendous difference in athletic abilities–grew up and were raised in Plano, Texas! 

Scott became a Baylor Bear, and Steve a Red Raider.  Both had successful business careers in the Hospitality & Service Industry.  

Once back in their respected home town, Scott and Steve wanted to give back to the community that raised and supported them through their youth and adulthood. 

They partnered up and created Parrot Icce to support youth academics, athletics, and healthy extracurricular activities and to generally promote the youth and the future of the North Texas community! 

Tragically, before being able to fully launch their vision, Scott was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Scott, being the incredible warrior and athlete that he was, fought with bravery, courage, strength and grace.  Although Scott left us on Valentine’s Day of 2013, his was a battle that was meant to be won.

And so, in fulfillment of his promises to Scott and his loving family and friends, Steve was handed the ball to carry on Scott’s Legacy and their vision! That is Parrot Icce. We hope you will support our vision as well!