About Us

Fall 2017 is now here, and it is time to begin to

enjoy the season with a choice of 4 wonderful flavors of Parrot Icce’s Caribbean Signature Hot Chocolate and make a winter day special. The time is now to book your Fall Time Parties, Festivals and Ceremonies with North Texas Number ONE Caribbean Hot Chocolate Company!  Parrot Icce specializes in Fall Graduations, Colleague & Employee Appreciation, H.O.A. & Community Living, School & Place of Worship Fall Festivals, as well as Birthday & Premium Adult Parties with Toddies! Parrot Icce’s uses premium ingredients in our Caribbean Hot Chocolate and are NOT commercially purchased as well as made in house.  Our contractual partner for our products is Nestlé Toll House Hot Cocoa. Parrot Icce also has TWO Full Service Windows that eliminates our guests wait in half if even that! We also have two 42 inch TV’s that our partners are encouraged to give us a CD with pictures of their families, employees, colleagues,  residents & guests  in which we play on a loop.  Some even put upcoming events and festivals that we can put on the screens as well. We can also screen the current game that is playing if available. Please contact us directly if you have any additional questions and look forward to giving your guests and you uncompromising customer service.