Child Care

  • Administrators enjoy the participation in peak attendance!
  • Families have no issues getting the youngsters to participate on these days!

Conventions & Events

  • Fairs, Festivals & Religious gatherings are just the tip of the  vast opportunities!
  • Sporting Competition, Team Building & Fundraising Car Washes!

Parties & Soirées

  • Birthday,  Neighborhood, and any other celebrations to think of!
  • Corporate Family Functions, Annual Family Get Togethers, and any other joyous occasions to think of!

Public & Private Schools

  • Recognize any group or groups for accomplishment and achievement!
  • Dances, Celebrations, Orientation, Field Trips and so much more!

Sports & Athletics

  • Parrot Icce WILL raise money for Leagues, Tournaments and Alumni & Boosters
  • Enhance Concession Sales with Parrot Icce
  • Athletes & Supporters will appreciate the Premium Experience provided by Parrot Icce

Private & Public Offices

  • Team Building, Kick Offs, Product Launches and much more
  • Bonus, Incentives and Moral Boosting for Goals Achieved